Will the Marketplace open up to UK, France and Germany soon?

Framework | Framework Laptop wins two design awards – the Red Dot’s

@nrp Apart from the main subject of this thread, I cannot find this blog article on this forum’s Blog category, and I didn’t receive the email too. Maybe as this blog article is the first blog article posted by someone who is not nrp, it seems the operations are missed.

They just did some checking and found an issue.

Seems to be working now! :+1:

Nice! You clearly have influence! :slight_smile: I suspect you know the next question. :slight_smile: The only item from the Marketplace that can be added to the basket is the “Running Tide Carbon Capture”. This shows that the purchase functionality will likely work. Do you know… can you influence :wink: … when the other products will become available for purchase?

P.S. Possible oversight… the “Antenna Module” isn’t marked as “Coming Soon” and when you click on it comes back the message “We’re sorry, we couldn’t find what you were looking for”.

Is there free shipping?

Give it a while - what’s going on behind the scenes is that there’s unprecedented supply chain chaos going on worldwide. China, the source of almost all electronic components, is in near complete lockdown.

The greatest accomplishment is:

No more batch system, laptops in stock and ready for immediate shipment.

DIY and prebuilt laptops: yes. Marketplace components: no.

Kudos to the Framework Team on the laptop shipments in Europe! I look forward to the marketplace stock availability coming online soon.


@BeeAPeach I think I noticed a mistake in one of the article photos.
I went over the marketplace to check out for an alternative keyboard for programming (german layout sucks for that purpose, but is needed for writing in german, because of stupid characters).
So I compared the three english keyboard layouts (US, british (ISO) and “International” (ANSI)). Both the plain keyboards as well as the all-in-one Input Cover Kits.
Being all pro-EU not having a €-symbol is a deal breaker so I put special focus on that.
The US versions don’t have it (€ wasn’t around for that long), the “british” (ISO) have it as “Alt Gr-Layer” on the 4, together with the $.
What left me wondering is, why the “English International” (ANSI) version shows it on the picture of the All-in-one Input cover Kit together with the 5/%, but not in the plain keyboard, compare the 5/% key-caps:
With €:

Without €:

It’s confusing me, maybe one of the pictures is wrong?

By the way, my Framework arrived I’m super happy! Amazing Device! Love you all! Got a BRO-tect matte screen protector foil and installed NixOS, happyiest person on the planet right now! :grin:

Awesome to see that the products are online for the European marketplace, hope that availability isn’t far off.

But what confuses me is why is there no ISO blank keyboard? That’s the one thing I’d actually be quite keen on getting!


one concern I wanted to raise here. Could you please add this information that the Marketplace is just not opened yet for orders from EU at the front page of the marketplace. Maybe I missed it, but I did not see any clear statement there until I looked here at the forum.

When I have entered the marketplace for the first time some ago and saw all components labeled with “Coming soon” I got suspicious that maybe something is wrong and framework got into trouble. This is what kept me until now from pre-ordering.
Don’t get me wrong please, maybe I am too careful, but there have been quite some companies with great ideas going out of nowhere out of business.

Now that I know about that, I think it is time to pre-order :slight_smile:

The Marketplace is indeed in place for Europe, with the first (digital) item orderable: Carbon Capture. For the physical items, we’re at the last steps of setting up the logistics paths to enable sale.