Windows Sleep Behaviour (unplugging power)

This is just an observation, although a potential problem, so if anyone has any thoughts I would appreciate it.

I have my power options set up that
when I close the lid

  • with power connected it sleeps
  • with battery it hibernates

I wondered what would happen if I close the lid with power connected and then disconnect the power cable. As I expected it assumes there is still power so although on battery the laptop is in the unwanted sleep mode.

The problem is that this could lead to a drain on the battery and overheating.

It would seem sensible that if external power is removed it would recognise that and treat it as a battery state only.

Although this may well be a windows issue, is there anyone who thinks this option could in future be triggered by maybe the bios or windows recognising the change.


That is a Windows responsibility. Using Modern Standby (S0) you would be in standby until 5% of your battery is used, and then hibernation is entered.

If you haven’t modified the type of suspend you are using, then this would still be the case.

What you CAN do is modify the Modern Standby battery threshold. This means instead of 5% you could make it 2% or, in my case, more (25%).

Having the hardware recognize that power has been removed, and sending a signal to the OS to handle the event is something that would require hardware and software integration. It is also something that Windows is already aware of, but doubtful it is recognized when in a low power state.

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This is the issue, Windows only takes action when the lid is first closed, so if you close the lid with power connected, it will sleep the computer, and no longer worry about taking action because the lid has been closed. To change this behavior you would have to change what the computer does AFTER the lid has been closed, like what @2disbetter is recommending.

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These are what you need to know:
StandbyBudgetPercent | Microsoft Docs

Adaptive Hibernate Overview | Microsoft Docs

…and this for the curious ones:
UnFuck Windows 10 Power Control With A Lot Of Registry Editing!!! · GitHub


Yes I got that but it isn’t suitable. I don’t want to set a value to switch from sleep to hibernate I just want it to immediately go to hibernate on unplugging :slight_smile:

Thanks but similarly to previous comments this adaptive option isn’t really going to work. As far as your third link goes, which is very interesting ~ I may but some time aside to read it properly :rofl:

To clarify.

If I shut the lid with power attached I have it go to sleep.

What I want if I remove the power is it to go immediately to hibernate so as to a) save power b) not to produce heat.

Thanks for your input

I wonder if you could have a wake timer associated to AC state change (event trigger)…wake up…then trigger hibernation if lid state is closed.

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That’s the sort of thing. Clearly windows knows when it is plugged in or not.

Thanks for the vibes, it helps focus.