Wish I'd known to get 4 expansion cards

I wrongly assumed there’d be some sort of cover for unused expansion slots. In fact I was hoping I could hide a Logitech receiver inside one :wink: That’s on me, but I do wish the laptop config page said 4 are recommended.


Hey there Mitchell, thank you for sharing this feedback! We passed this along the feedback to our internal teams. Feedback like this helps us improve the customer experience so we definitely appreciate it. Please keep sharing your feedback. :tada:


You should take a look at this topic on custom made mouse dongle cards

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You can contact support to change your order. Changing expansion cards does not bump you out of your batch.

I would contact them asap to give them some time to get to your ticket - I suspect they are still pretty busy.

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I have said for a long time that Framework should put a note on saying “best to buy all the cards you may need when you order your laptop due to shipping costs etc.”

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And maybe a warning if no usb-c card is selected