1) Availability: 'Q4'=? 2) DIY really is DIY?

Hello. Sorry if these are silly questions, but 1) what does available in Q4 mean? The last quarter of this year? It is the last quarter of the year, now! 2) Does one really have to assemble (albeit in modular fashion) the ‘DIY’ laptop models oneself?


  1. Q4 represents the fourth quarter in the year, and in this case it is the last three months in 2023 (this year)
  2. Not sure how much is gonna need to be assembled specifically for the 16, but I assume you would put in the ram, storage, expansion bay and expansion cards, as well as the input modules for the DIY. Then you would install the OS.

So yes, the DIY requires some assembly before use, but it does come partially assembled.




But re 1: as I said, we are in that quarter already. So if a machine is advertised as available within that quarter, I take it that the machine will be available sometime between now and the end of December.

Re 2: I’m thinking about a ‘13’ but I take it that you say holds for that as well. Right. I suppose that this partial self-assembly is alright for me.

Yeah Q4 means anytime between now and end of December (provided there are no unexpected delays).

On the 13, you get to assemble RAM, SSD and maybe wifi but I’m not sure. There is not much DYI to it, it’s more about finalizing it yourself :slight_smile:

EDIT: here is the exact guide, it’s fairly simple: Framework Laptop 13 DIY Edition Quick Start Guide - Framework Guides


These days the DIY process is a little more involved, and this guide is a little bit out of date!

You now will install your own RAM and SSD but the Wi-fi card is preinstalled. The keyboard cover comes as a separate part that you will install after you put in the RAM and SSD, then you also have the bezel that you have to install onto the screen yourself. Finally you install your Expansion cards, and you’re done!

I purchased this laptop years ago, so I had the same process that was linked above, but I am going off the process shown in this video by Matthew Moniz. He is a tech reviewer, and this is an early sample of the AMD Framework, so there could be some small differences with this being a press kit, but it would make sense now that you get to choose from a range of bezels and keyboards that they would modify the process to not preinstall either of those. If there are any others who have recently purchased a DIY laptop that would be great!