11th gen i5 with RTC battery fix in coolermaster case - only boots when case open

Hi - as it says in the title - I’ve put my old 11th gen i5 in the coolermaster case. I have previously installed the RTC battery module and had been using this as daily driver until my AMD board arrived.
I have issues which are really confusing - it seems to me that if I leave the cover off I can use the board but putting the cover in place means it will not boot when I push the button. I can’t see anything obviously crimped by the cover and the power button makes the same click as when I use it without the cover. The red case open lights flash when the cover is off but it works fine. Anybody any ideas?

WHile I am here I do have a second issue that I can’t seem to boot it from a USB stick now - is there a setting in the bios I have missed that prevents that?

Many thanks all

Hey what BIOS version are you on?
And ther is USB BOOT as a setting.

Hi, thx for the reply. Most recent bios. I found it was secure boot that I had to turn off in order to boot from a usb stick.

I’ve found if I loosen the screw top middle it seems to fix the issue, so I guess something must be crimping or bending. Hard to see what it is through the tinted plastic.

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There’s a tiny switch on the mainboard that indicates chassis intrusion. I’m not sure why it would prevent booting, but you should check the standalone setting in the BIOS, which disables the switch.

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Yes - I pressed the switch and tried rebooting and that didn’t seem to be the issue - but I will check that bios setting thx

I have now had more time to play with it and I think I had misinterpreted a stationary fan as an “off” state.
So I have the situation that because there is no battery and RTC battery it forgets settings and each time it is plugged in (I won’t use it every day so pointless, and environmentally unsound, leaving it plugged in) it boots like a new PC.
This takes a while and there is a reboot in the middle - it does eventually get there but slowly. I see a couple of solutions - that don’t mean leaving it plugged in.
Go back to RTC batteries and replace regularly
Get some sort of battery pack that I can wire onto the board that just supplies power to the RTC circuit. Maybe a rechargeable or something.
Neither option fills me with joy - maybe others have better ideas?

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