12-pin webcam cable pinouts

On the pinouts document, it says

Note that the Webcam Module itself currently only uses a 12 pin connector using pins 19 through 30.

just wanted to confirm that pins 1-12 on the 12-pin connector (from left to right on the webcam module) correspond to pins 19-30 on the IPEX connector? seems like an easy assumption, but I don’t want to wire something up wrong and fry something on my board

That was correct, but I got something else wrong - I didn’t notice that the webcam input voltage is 3.3 V whereas USB outputs 5V. Luckily, the webcam seems to have survived, and even worked for a little bit, though it ran pretty hot and had a very low resolution. These things are surprisingly resilient.

Anyway, if you’re working on a project with the webcam, keep this in mind - don’t connect the Vin of the webcam directly to a USB port, regulate it down to 3.3 V first.

I missed this thread earlier. The pinout is:

Pin Signal Type Voltage Notes
2 USB_DP Input/Output 3v3 USB 2.0
3 USB_DM Input/Output 3v3 USB 2.0
4 3V3
5 CAM_SW Output 3v3 State of camera privacy switch
6 MIC_CLK Input 1v8 Microphone PDM clock
7 MIC_DAT Output 1v8 Microphone PDM data (2 channel L/R)
8 MIC_SW Output 3v3 State of microphone privacy switch
9 INT_ALS Output 3v3 Interrupt from ALS
10 SCL_ALS Input 3v3
11 SDA_ALS Input/Output 3v3
12 GND

The creator of the thread is asking about how those pins are positioned, so what pins on the 12 pin connector correspond to the IPEX connector pinout.

Could you also tell us the exact connector type? I kind of want to build a custom module instead of using the webcam (a unifying receiver for example)

It’s a 12-pin 0.5mm-pitch FFC cable/connector. At least that’s what I used and it worked

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The connector is Kyocera 04-6809-612-110-846+


What did you put on there?