12th gen diy wave 1 won't turn on; side LEDs flash red three times

When trying to turn on the laptop it didn’t respond to presses at all. I made sure it was charged, then I opened it and checked the battery connection including reseating it. When I reconnected the battery i noticed that the side LEDs flashed red three times. Didn’t notice that before if it was happening. Then noticed it when I’d press the power button.

The ribbon cable for the keyboard appears to be connected on both sides. The battery cable does appear to sit at an angle in the connector, but I noticed that when I originally assembled it. I’m not able to get it to sit any better in the laptop.

Running pop os. Don’t know the bios; can’t turn it on to check. Not sure what else y’all may need to know to assist with troubleshooting.

I saw a similar thread here, maybe double check your keyboard is seated correctly?

There is also a knowledge base here.

I’d begin, removing all peripherals & ports, just as a test.


I had seen those guides, but didn’t follow the main board reset because it said to only do that if told by support, but I followed it and it worked. Thank you.

Hopefully I won’t have to do that often. At least it’s easy to open up and work on. :smiley:

I’ve got an issue with external displays not working, but I think I’ll make another thread for that.