12th Gen Intel Core BIOS 3.06 Beta

Hopefully one can just boot into windows PE and update that way? Not that I can’t wait a bit more :slight_smile:

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Maybe, I’ll wait and see where things land.

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Anyone else getting where the system fan runs at high for really no reason? I’m only using a browser (everything else is closed) the fan is running full blast. When I then run HWiNFO, the fans come back to normal and sensors are showing 45-50C. Thoughts? (Side note, I also have a laptop cooling pad under the laptop as well)

I didn’t really notice this issue until after the 2nd time I installed the bios update (first time didn’t really take).

I have noticed this behaviour whenever temps reach this range. I think it’s by design. I remember seeing someone make a post about fan curves, Maybe look that up to adjust the fan curve.

I was under the impression that the fan sensors weren’t exposed and thus are not able to be changed. Is this no longer true?

I think it’s possible through the embedded controller? I found the post I mentioned for fan curves.

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This was 2 weeks ago.
Are there any updates on this? When can we expect the update? Is it still a long way to go?


Just got to be patient. As Kieran mentioned, they’re still doing validation on the bios build. Better they take the time to properly validate it than to rush out a bios that could brick your laptop or some functionality.

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Is there anything wrong in my wording? I am just asking for an update. People are waiting for this.

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There’s a lot going on in the background and they’ll provide an update when they’re ready to release it. Something to remember is they contract out bios work to Insyde so things can take a while.

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For anyone curious about timelines, Before this update 3.06 was released as beta, we had a comment from Kieran roughly about 2 months before, about this update being in the works. I believe it was after FW announced thunderbolt 4 certification for 12th gen.

Point is, even if kieran want to get a new bios version out, we are looking at similar time frame.

I understand, waiting sucks, I’ve been daily driving this beta release for 6+ months. Unfortunately FW is still a small company. I would like FW to exist in 5 years, so let’s give them the room to grow reasonably.


Having trouble finding consistent info on the topic, what should our retimer versions be? I’ve noticed that I have to reseat my type a and Ethernet expansion card on boot for them to work.

Thank you very much, now I have a rough guestimate (all I wanted) :slight_smile:

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Framework 16 just opened for preorders so I assume they’re very busy right now

They’re working on fixing a fingerprint reader bug on the 13th gen too. IMO though, the vulnerabilities in the 12th gen should be much higher priority than a fingerprint reader malfunction.

Maybe I’m out of touch since I don’t work in this industry, but active vulns are never left unaddressed for longer than 90 days max in my industry (and are normally patched within hours).


Seems to me like it’s been about a year since 12th gen came out and we have not received any “complete”/official updates (only this beta). Going forward I am keeping a close eye on how they plan to support the newer 13" and the 16" before I consider purchasing anything Framework. With respect to the promisees we keep getting, the saying “Fool Me Once, Shame on You; Fool Me Twice, Shame on Me” comes to mind.


I don’t know if I missed something, but the Software Center in Fedora 38 on a 12th Gen offers me an update. But actually the update is not released yet, right? :thinking:
Is there a way I can prevent the update (I’m new to Fedora, used to run Ubuntu till recently)?

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Sure its not just the SecureBoot dbx update?
According to LVFS: Home the only updates hosted at this time are those we know about and marked as Beta/Testing.


I don’t know, maybe I misunderstand what I see here, in this case please forgive me.

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You might have the lvfs testing repo enabled.