12th gen Intel will not power on

@Tommy_Messbauer that’s cool! Are you still covered by warranty?

I was using a non-brand PD usb-c docking station for a couple of weeks before the issues started, along with usb-c portable display, could also be related.

I just got the exact same issue while using HDMI to VGA on the framework HDMI dongle to watch a movie.

I got " Power Good VCCIN_AUX" on red blinkling wich is a bad sign

My framework 13th gen is also dead i think, only white led (or orange when charging)

There is definitively an issue with devices, electrostatic ?

it’s kinda annoying if framework can fried in split second with some devices connected :confused:

Yeah. I’m still under warranty. New motherboard is being delivered today.

I still love my framework laptops. This experience actually made me love them more for work situations. Here’s why - other manufacturers offer premium support options which still require extra work on my part to ship the machine or schedule service. They aren’t cheap either (like Apple care)

If I want the same experience, I can just purchase an extra motherboard and keep it around OR order one quickly.

This forum has been helpful too. The support team was great, only a little slow in replies which will get better as framework continues to grow.

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It turned out I’m out of warranty. Managed to repair my board by desoldering audio codec IC, it has burned out and was short-circuiting power. I also had to replace the touchpad, it also stopped working (keyboard and power button were fine though).

Now I’m thinking that my docking station somehow intermittently fed +20V a few times in the voltage negotiation process when FW wasn’t ready and had it connected to 5V rails, eventually causing burnout of less resilent chips on 5V power plane.

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Could this be related to the burnt out power switching mosfet issue some people are reporting?

@Tommy_Messbauer how many rounds of back-and-forth support emails did it take before they agreed to send a new motherboard? I’m having similar problems and it took ~2 days to get a generic response. I’m getting nervous about how long I might be out-of-action for.

@Adrian_Joachim very unlikely, I’ve rechecked all the mosfets, they don’t have any visual signs of thermal damage (for folks here [IN TICKET] Piece of mainboard partially melted it looks evaporated :scream_cat:).

@Nate2 It took me about 4 roundtrips for us to determine that they can’t fix the MB and it’s out of warranty.

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The exact same thing just happened to me. I connected the charger through a dock and the laptop turned off. It doesn’t turn on anymore. And now the red LEDs I have are the same as yours:
3V5V supply not good
Fan error
CPU SO error.
I’m afraid I’m not under warranty and I think the board is melted. Because the USB ports on the side where I plugged it in are no longer receiving charge either. They don’t light up if I connect something and their LEDs don’t work either.