13 7040 (DIY) Starts at 799, but the cheapest option is 898?

I was checking out the price of the 7040 series today after the announcement of the new core series, and I saw it was on a discount, but its not only more expensive than it says the discount is, but more expensive than it was before the discount? The price before the discount (a couple days ago) was 849 for the base 7640u with nothing added on yet, but now after the “5% off” discount it costs 898. I’m sure this is just a temporary mistake or something but I wanted to see if anyone else was experiencing the same thing.

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Hi and welcome.

Yes a bit off ??

But by time you go through all the options and select none for everything else it’s as expected.

I’ve reported this issue, we are currently working on a solution. Thanks for letting us know.