2230 as boot drive

Is a viable config using the 2230 as the boot drive viable once the detection issue had been resoloved?

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Yes .


Viable but you can get faster drives that fit in the 2280 so why would you not use the faster drive for boot. unless you are just searching for pure capacity and putting an 8TB QLC in the 2280.

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I’m also planning to use a 2tb 2230 WD ssd for my boot/applications drive and a 4tb Samsung ssd for my games/projects/files drive.

I’ve seen a few posts cautioning against installing the OS on a 2230 drive, and I have no rational argument for it, aside from the little-big config’ feeling better to my brain chemistry :). Like all of us, I wish they could have pulled off dual 2280s (and maybe they’ll remedy that with future expansion bays), but for now, this seems like the lesser of the evils to me.

NOW, if the boot drive randomly disappears, that’s a much bigger deal than the storage drive, so hopefully that issue is resolved quickly, but overall I think the sacrifice in potential speed will be worth it. I’m just excited that we have the freedom of choice at all. I may also snag a 1tb expansion card for only music project files, so I can easily pop it out and plug it into my producer pal’s macbook. What a time to be alive :slight_smile:

Yeah thats along the lines of what i was thinking of doing, tho adding the 2280 a bit further down the line after day 1

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This is actually what I plan to do. As the OS itself, once loaded, does not require super speedy accesses, working on Videos and playing games does.

So - the OS will be on the 2230, Video and Game contents onto the 2280 :wink:

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That’s my thoughts exactly, I staring down the Sabrant 2230. I’m still undecided whether I push for 96gb or just stay at 64gb.
I need to have a dig round to see if I want speed or capacity haha

Well, currently I do my videos on a i7-8550U CPU @ 1.80GHz / integrated GPU with 32GB Ram and a M2 NVme providing barely 1.9Gbps read speed. Impossible to do 4K video cuts here…
The FW16 I ordered with GPU, and have on my desk a Solidigm P44 2TB and a 1TB Sabrent Rocket - used the 1TB model as the 2TB uses a different less proven tech. But that should do :slight_smile: Kdenlive is fast enough for HD videos on that old system… so 4K should work on the new.