3:2 desktop wallpapers

I don’t usually contribute to forums, but I have some of my own wallpapers that I thought I should share. I don’t even have my laptop yet. I’m just preparing. I left the house for a solid few hours yesterday and went up and down some roads trying to get good shots, all of which I took on my Pixel 6a. I hope I’m not the only one who enjoys these!


I just realized it didn’t let me upload mine at full resolution either, so here’s a drive link to those. (Link)

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I really liked cmonkey’s idea of showing what is behind the screen. I’ve got the CNC lid so I’ve made my own vector version. A full res version is available on my GitHub.



I think this belongs here:
Wallpaper shown in FW16 Images


Nice but it’s a shame it’s on “X”


True :frowning: It’s compressed (presumably automatically) so would need to be upscaled before using

I made a 3:2 version of the wallpaper that @feesh had suggested a while back, and that @jasonlarge had then made from the teardown image more recently.


Image credit of dbrand’s xray skin!
Maybe consider buying it, looks fantastic!

This isn’t a very high-res image, would be cool if someone had a better source then just grabbing the element off the page :slight_smile:


I’ve upscaled the image and cropped it in GIMP to the Framework laptop display’s dimensions!

Small file as all BW images are :stuck_out_tongue:
Edit: Huh, the image seems to be tiny bc Framework’s forum compressed it to 1080p and jpeg format?


User FigFotographer’s wallpapers that are based on the StephenMauriceGraham’s wallpaper.



i saw this post and got inspired, and an hour later (i’ve never done art shit before) i made this:

its a mixture of my three facorite things:

  • framework (obviously)
  • endeavour os (the distro i use)
  • car seat headrest (fav band, space cadet i hand drew)
    it’s silly and goofy and incredibly niche but i love it :3

I took inspiration from @nrp and took a photo of the inside of the upper shell. It is the updated version from an AMD 13. I left the shadows on the top and left border intact as to create a bit more realism.

Since my desktop is a very simple sway setup I wanted something “vectory” and painted over the photo using inkscape:

Full size images (and SVG) can be found here: https://gist.github.com/halemmerich/7ab95c1cc9106bc1ac5cad37fb2d20f7


I mak nutz foto


i converted the logo to 3d and made some wallpapers from the model

my workspace is on google drive and can be downloaded (the workspace is a bit messy so sorry about that)

Great minds think alike!

Does anyone have a full resolution image of the framwork logo, I was only able to (unfaithfully) recreate it but was wondering if someone had the exact shape used by framework themselves?

Can you please make a version of this wallpaper with a black background (0x000000). I think it is quite nice.

Here! I think it’s okay, I made it quickly with a curve filter, but I don’t see anything wrong with it.

A quick edit of one of the blog post images:

Is there a svg style picture like this one?

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