.39 Ghz throttling when plugged in

I’ve been experiencing the 0.4 Ghz bug when under extreme loads (e.g. gaming) for a while. I’ve gotten close to fixing it by enabling the custom profile in the BIOS. The one problem left is that charging the laptop seems to do something to make thermal throttling occur. I’m using the i7 1260p motherboard from batch 5 on Windows 11. Is there any fix to disable some sort of CPU turbo setting, or is this just the battery getting hot and affecting the CPU?

I’d have a try at a mainboard reset. That has been proven useful for similar cases on this forum.

It can also be a case that you would need to reapply the thermal paste on the CPU.

@InventBoss I suspect the reason it happens more often when plugged in is that the OS sets some battery-saving settings that saves power when not plugged in. (FWIW, I see the same behavior.)

I’ve seen this issue before, you’re right that it’s thermal throttling. I actually have the exact same model as you (i7-1260p) and I’ve noticed that running games at full quality while plugged in does cause this. My “solution” is just to manually set the fan speed to maximim and, when it throttles, pause whatver I’m doing and get some water, which gives it a chance to cool down a little, but otherwise I’m not sure there’s much you can do. If you have an external USB fan (or something like that) you could also use it to help cool it down