4 thunderbolt ports on the model? 40GBps on each port?

max data transfer speeds of each type C inbuilt ports for expansion card modules?


Reading between the lines of what has been said here, Framework are seeking Thunderbolt certification, presumably Thunderbolt 4. We will just have to be patient and wait for their official announcement of whether the laptop will have certified Thunderbolt ports.

Something to keep in mind is that even if it is Thunderbolt 4 certified, and any of the ports can sustain 40 GBps, it’s also possible (likely?) that not all the ports will be able to do so concurrently. That’s a pretty common issue and not something unique to framework, as many ports often end up on a shared bus and so share total bandwidth. So, E.G. you plug one device in and it gets 40 GBps. Plug in 2 devices and they each can do 20 GBps. etc.

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I am curious about this too. It will be great if it is 40Gbps on left side and 40Gbps on right side. But it will be amazing if all port support 40Gbps on each side

In a reply to a question I asked they said the ports are connected to 2 internal PCIE devices separated by left and right side, so I think the right 2 ports will share 40gb/s and the 2 on the left would share 40gb/s.

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Curious to see what kind of display pass through we get. Dying to find TB output to the LG 5k monitor.

I think the selection of port module you can get with the laptop tells quite a bit about it. I don’t think the port will be the limiting factor, but instead maybe the intel xe graphics,

I agree with the person who said 40 gbps per side.

Recently I read something about Thunderbolt being an annoying standard and how it can be crippled. A lot of laptops might have a single thunderbolt per controller, and most of these would only do the 20 gbps. But the ones that have two would be 40 gbps across both, including 40 gbps with a single port.

So it’s quite probable that one side is 40 gbps, and the other side is 40 gbps.

We won’t be fully sure until we get the laptops, I suppose.


They did confirm to my question about IOMMU groups that each side has its own PCIe thunderbolt controller, so this would make sense.

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