5G LTE expansion card

I know this is an old thread, but somebody asked above if there was a use case for a internal modem vs a hotspt; I have once stayed in an airbnb that didn’t have wifi, and for some reason, my mifi (hotspot device) was unable to get a signal, but my laptop’s internal modem WAS able to get a signal, with the same sim.

I get that it’s a bit of an edge case but by the same token, if you don’t have a mifi and you’re working on the road, can a mobile phone provide both a hotspot and be used for calls at the same time?

I’d also add that as far as I can tell, it’s going to be much easier to wait for an m.2 antenna that has bt, wifi and 5G, and just use the existing slot, and find a way to route the additional antenna along with the existing ones than it will be to spend engineering resources trying to fit a 5G modem and antenna into an expansion card, thereby using an additional slot as well.

Wouldn’t it just make more sense to get Framework to add the antennas for LTE/5G built into the laptops, and leave an open PCIe based port on future motherboard designs, and allow it as an option? I just can’t see a module based LTE/5G device having practical antenna, or having some way to route out to the module without seriously altering the method in place now to work with existing modules.

Not having LTE (neither onboard nor as an expansion card) was the reason I did not order a framework today. Definitely need it. Been using Lenovo for a while now, but not as flexible as framework.

Hope it will be available soon.

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