5G LTE expansion card

Strong possibility a 5G LTE expansion card will be made for the laptop?


We’re hoping to see third party development of cellular Expansion Cards!


Given that there don’t seem to be any USB C cellular dongles on the market for any devices, I’m not too confident in third parties making cellular expansion cards for the FL.

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There are several LTE M.2 key cards. Maybe if there was an expansion card that just housed an M.2 key slot?

The real trick would be the antenna.


Are we limiting ourselves to the standard expansion card form factor? Why not a card that pokes out of the standard frame and can be longer/sit flush with the frame, it might work depending on the stiffness of the rails which the expansion card rides in…

Oversized cards are certainly possible. The Ethernet Expansion Card we are developing will be oversized for example.


I sure would like to be able to use my Framework laptop for work, for which I would need an LTE connection. I’m hoping Framework can sell lots of these laptops and create a vibrant 1st and 3rd party expansion card market. Wishing Framework success!