5h long battery even after tweaks

I have my Framework for about a week and until now nothing seems to work to get my battery life to the 8-10h range. 1h of usage takes 20% of my battery.

Here’s my setup:

  • 11th gen i7
  • 64GB (32GB x2) RAM
  • non v-Pro wifi board
  • 2TB SSD
  • Ubuntu 22.02
  • “Balanced” power consumption mode (this is an ubuntu setting)
  • Screen brightness at max

Here’s what I tried so far in terms of tweaking:

I’m not very well versed in hardware, so I don’t have a lot of ideas on how to figure out where all this power consumption is coming from. I’ve heard that more RAM consumes more power, but I’m wondering: is it enough to explain half of a normal battery’s life?

  • “Balanced” power consumption mode (this is an ubuntu setting)

You have to put that in Power Saver to get meaningful savings. Still, with that RAM size, I doubt you’re gonna get all the way to the top. The SSD might also consume above average.

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