60 watt enough?

I have grown rather attached to my small form factor 60watt charger, and I was wondering if the base cpu w/o the gpu would be sufficiently charged by it?

I’m uncertain about the heat dissipation capability of the cooling system, but I believe 60W is insufficient; at least 100W should be adequate.

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The laptop can probably use a bit more than 60W on high loads. It’s possible to draw from battery for that. So the question is: Are you running high loads for long periods of time? If not, 60W should be fine - remeber that charging an empty battery while using the laptop will take ages…


Can but try it, might be doable without the dGPU in light use. The headroom on 60W instead of the recommended 100W is significantly reduced. As mentioned above it’ll dip into the battery if requirements exceed the available power. Also keep in mind that it’ll power the laptop first, then divert any spare power to charging the battery - so charging could take many hours.

MacBooks have been doing it this way for years. Windows gaming on my 2011 would deplete the battery about 5% an hour as even the 85W charger couldn’t keep up.

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