8TB of NVMe SSD any one, why not?

Eg: https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/list/

Maybe power draw?

Maybe it’s a laptop and not a server?

I think if I’d bought that much NVMe storage I’d be wanting to make more effective use of it.

Wrong link? Maybe something like this.

But then again, what do you need so much storage for? I have a 1TB NVME and in my network I got a NAS with another 1TB of storage.

Unless you are doing 8K shooting and converting on the go I dont think one needs as much as 8TB of storage on the laptop.


Only benefit I could see for it is that it has higher TBW and TBR endurance ratings?
Power draw and other things should be roughly identical.

Would not reccomend though considering the abhorrent price per gigabyte that these drives usually have.

Yes, but the power draw should be identical and why not give people the option?

Is there anything stopping people for musing expensive 8tb drives? I don’t quite get the point here.


Clicked it and was confused by the part list then realized it was my own and felt dumb but there were 30 others who clicked it too. lol



Try this!!! : https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/product/CTTp99/sabrent-rocket-4-plus-8-tb-m2-2280-nvme-solid-state-drive-sb-rkt4p-8tb

I want to use Raid 8 on it!

Oh looks like I misunderstood what the posts topic was on.
However, no one’s stopping you from getting an 8TB SSD, just get one not from Framework.
Western Digital (the company Framework buys from) doesn’t produce any 8TB SSDs.

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what even is raid 8?

When I see the title “8TB NVMe”, I automatically think “Sabrent Rocket”. While it’s true that 8TB of NVMe is impressive, the more important question is “why”?

They doesn’t even have fast response times; Optane (32GB, mind you) even when paired with a HDD, eat it up for snacks. And the Optane (32GB) have 150TB of write endurance, as well.

And if you truly want mass storage, why not just use a NAS? Raid 50 or something over how many drives you want. If you think a HDD NAS is too big just get a Asustor Flashstor NAS

And also, no, power draw is a thing. Higher capacity drives draw more power. It’s still going to be small relative to other high-power components like a turboing CPU or screen, but it’s likely noticeable.

And the m.2 stick is only this big, which is why there’s been a lot of overheating issues when them – the density is simply too high for passive cooling.
Which is why the server space have introduced things like EDSFF (E1.S) with larger footprint, and a more slot-friendly connector.

If you absolutely must haul your entire archive on the go then I guess you can get the Sabrent; it’s there for a purpose.


Whoops I meant A custom RAID :face_in_clouds:

@ Xavier_Jiang: * Lower weight and smaller physical space means increased mobility