A point of interest for the modders

RAM chips are active components; SODIMM slots supply power.

This is not surprising, though I was surprised to find it out.

Since even Windows people don’t need 64GiB, one slot could provide real estate for a mod of some sort, and also the power.

In fact, it’s been done before - example.

Just a thought.

Shame they didn’t put the RAM closer to the centre so that an unused slot could make space for a trackpoint. (Actually, trackpoints are slightly to the left - it’s easy to see, if you look at it from any other angle than typist.)

Wow. As exciting as that is, I would not recommend using the RAM slot for modding! The M.2 slots are probably safer candidates for DIYing interesting internal cards, though at the expense of losing your internal storage or internal WiFi.

It doesn’t seem like it would be worth loosing the dual channel RAM capability for honestly. Also your assumption on the amounts of RAM people need is just that, an assumption. Run a couple VMs and your RAM disappears quickly. In the world of computing it is always better to have and not need, than to need and not have.

@2disbetter, is dual-channel that important? The ThinkPad 25 shipped with one SODIMM - and they spec’d that thing out as much as they possibly could.

I have a single channel Purism Librem 13 and I can’t really tell. However, when doing memory intense stuff, like running VMs, dual channel is helpful and nice to have.

I am mainly saying that, I agree with Framework, there are better, easier places to look to for moding.

@nrp, any reason why? Is it unclear that I only meant using it for power and room? (If you’re tapping power from somewhere else you could even use a DIMM with no contacts…although perhaps gold-on-gold is better for the long-term health of the slot; IANAE.)

External-facing ports like USB-C have a bunch of protection for shorting, overcurrent, overvoltage, ESD, and more, while internal ports don’t have the same level of protection. There is real risk of damage from devices not specifically designed for the constraints.