A request for dark mode

This is a great forum for everything framework; however, I’m a bit of a night owl/dark mode guy.
So, I’d like to humbly request an option to view the forum in dark mode? If the Framework mods/gods would allow it of course :smile:

(There’s also a chance I just can’t find the right setting in preferences)


I think you can do this with your browser.

Which browser are you using?

The majority of the time I’m on Firefox. But, whenever I mess with the theme/colors in Firefox, I inevitably find a website where it appears there is no text, but it turns out that the color shift has led to the background being the same color as the text.

Oh that’s not helpful! :smiley:
In my case an addon in Firefox works perfectly.

It’s called dark-background-light-text of Mikhail Khvoinitsky…

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this is addon is available for firefox mobile as well:

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