A request for dark mode

This is a great forum for everything framework; however, I’m a bit of a night owl/dark mode guy.
So, I’d like to humbly request an option to view the forum in dark mode? If the Framework mods/gods would allow it of course :smile:

(There’s also a chance I just can’t find the right setting in preferences)


I think you can do this with your browser.

Which browser are you using?

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The majority of the time I’m on Firefox. But, whenever I mess with the theme/colors in Firefox, I inevitably find a website where it appears there is no text, but it turns out that the color shift has led to the background being the same color as the text.


Oh that’s not helpful! :smiley:
In my case an addon in Firefox works perfectly.

It’s called dark-background-light-text of Mikhail Khvoinitsky…


this is addon is available for firefox mobile as well:


But please still add it.
For Safari, Edge, IE (even though it would crash the browser lol), and Chrome by itself though too.


I use Chrome and I would also like dark mode, because I have the first world problem of being blinded by the HDR display I use for my main monitor.

If dark mode is not possible, making the background same color of the aluminum chassis of the laptop would also be fine with me. and have the added benefit of branding.


Was about to publish a post for that but I see some users had already suggested the idea: yes, we need a native Dark mode for the forum or I’ll be blind in two weeks :confused:


So Discobot told me during my advanced features tutorial and leveling up trust levels that in my preferences that I could potentially select between a light and dark mode.

I went to preferences however and did not find anything related to it. Maybe that means they thought that they would have it or tried to have it and it didn’t work correctly. I’m sure that it is coming though. It’s an obvious must now-a-days. I guess we will see.


There is a built-in dark mode that can be toggled in Discourse, so it should be a matter of toggling a switch somewhere in the backend. That’s why discobot thinks you’ll be able to toggle dark mode but you can’t find it.


Another vote for amoled black mode.

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I use the dark reader extension and does the job well.


I just wanted to say the “Dark Reader” extention on Firefox, and mentioned above is great.


For a solution that doesn’t use Dark Reader for any reason*, then you can use the built-in dark mode in this Discourse instance’s settings.

I don’t know if this has always been here or if the Discourse administration changed this option recently.

This is the UI path:

  • click on your user icon (in the top right corner)
  • click on the “Preferences” tab (first icon of the “cartoon person” on the right)
  • click on the word “Preferences” to go to a new page
  • click on “Interface” on the vertical menu on the left
  • find the first “Color Scheme” section
  • select “Dark” for the Dark Mode drop-down menu and “Dark” in the Regular drop-down menu (in that order).

The dark theme is only a very dark gray, but honestly I’ll take this gray dark theme over the default white theme any day of the week. (However, in my only other experience with Discourse, the dark theme has always been dark gray - at least in the Parrot OS Forums.)

(*For example, I don’t have Dark Reader on Firefox, since there are occasions I need to render webpages to “WYSIWYG”, a.k.a, what the rest of the white-themed Internet sees. This is because there have been a few crucial cases when having Dark Reader and turning on the darkening flag in chrome://flags on my Chromium-based browsers messes up pages and makes them unreadable. Also, this is not a good setup for presenting online presentations with color accurately.)


I do agree that the dark theme could be darker, if not pitch black/AMOLED. In fact, IIRC the dark theme for Parrot OS Community and Qubes OS Forum are a bit darker than the dark theme in Framework Community.

However, I am aware the viewing quality experience could vary from device to device.

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Windows 11 has a dark mode theme already. However if you are referring to browser, then you might need a dark mode plugin for that.

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@Brent @BeeAPeach (or whoever enabled this), THANK YOU!!! Just a minor suggestion: There are lots of elements (e.g. the currently selected category, some of the elements in the editor, etc) that still have black text, which can make it a bit hard to see. It would be wonderful if y’all could take a look to set those colors :heart:

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You can set a keyboard shortcut to quickly toggle Dark Reader on the current website:

I use this routinely for finicky sites e.g. Google Docs

I also leave the dark mode in chrome://flags alone as Dark Reader suffices on its own.

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Unfortunately, we are looking into this now as we have never enabled it and it may just be the forum doing so in an update. But, it’s not ADA compliant at this time which, we are attempting to fix but with certain aspects, it won’t let us. So, we are seeing if we can turn it off for now until we can find a better solution, I do apologize. I can’t wait to use dark mode myself :<


Huh, that’s interesting. I’ve seen dark mode enabled in other Discourse-based forums without any issues like this (e.g. Signal Community or Darktable Forum).

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