A wiki for issues, fixes, mods, repair addresses, ... --?

The info about battery life, thermal control, RTC battery issue of Gen11, etc, is spread over many threads and replies. The same will happen with every new topic that is of wider interest.

I’d like to suggest FW to set up and host a wiki, for a structured presentation of issues and (hopefully) their fixes, general tips and tricks, modifications of the FW and its modules, setups of different BIOSes (to come, I’m sure), setup profiles or best practices for max [battery life | low temperatures | performance | security | … ], known good (or problematic) peripherals etc., etc…

Also, user info where to find help if needed would find a good place here. I think that, after some Gen11 owners started to ask for repair shops[*], a wiki page with addresses would be great. (Ask if they want to be listed first.) Addresses should have a ‘last updated’ date, and be sorted geographically and labelled with some categories, e.g.:

  • Shops that give a warranty on their work,
  • Shops who do the repair but at owner’s risk or with limited warranty,
  • DIY-facilities where tools (and maybe helpful souls) are available (Maker Spaces, Repair Cafés, etc.),
  • Individuals offering to supervise and guide owners reworking the mobo themselves at home, or a DIY place.

The Arch Wiki[**] is a high bar, though…

A wiki is going to become only more needed, the more models hit the marked, and the more experiences and mods and ideas accumulate in (and get buried :frowning: in the masses of) this forum.

This has been discussed in '21, but now some more experience has accumulated to warrant a fresh look at it.

Framework, and everybody, your thoughts?

[*] Example:


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That’s a big ask.

You imagine they are going to call all the shops or travel the world to ask.

I wouldn’t, would you?

I image an half decent shop will do a stated repair.