Could we have a wiki page?

The community page is a great way to discuss new ideas and topics, but once the laptop has launched, it would be great to have a user-editable wiki that can be used as quick reference. For example, you could have pages on framework specific hardware (expansion cards etc), general PC hardware (explanation of what each component in the laptop does eg ram) as well as non-framework specific stuff like installing alternative OSes. Also, by making it user-editable people making expansion cards for the marketplace could make a wiki page for their card, meaning users don’t have to find the right website a few months after buying the card to check how to use a certain aspect of it…

Basically, what I am envisioning is something like the Arch Linux wiki, but more geared towards laptop hardware…


Just noticed this in the badges section:

So maybe there is already a wiki in the works! Would be great if someone could confirm this though?

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There is in this forum the possibility to make posts as a wiki, that is, anyone can edit them. But there is no separate wiki page

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@ts.spivet thanks for that! I still think it would be a good idea for there to be a separate wiki page though…

Of course. You can use MediaWiki for example, that’s the site Wikipedia is based on. But someone has to maintain and feel responseble for the site.

Yeah that could work. It would be nice to have an official one, @Framework any thoughts on this?

We are exploring using Discourse’s (this forum software) built in wiki functionality, though I don’t believe it is currently turned on. I agree it is super useful to have wiki capabilities for community edited lists and guides.