A Xbox 2.4G adapter for the expansion slot?

Has anyone tried to make this for the framework?


Tbh I don’t see that becoming a card, since all Xbox One controllers after the first generation work without this Adapter and using Controllers on the go to a degree that requires a Card isn’t realistic, since using it over a cable over short distances would work too.

But still the 2nd generation Wireless adapter (seen below next the the 1st gen) might have a small enough PCB that could be the right size to turn into a mod using the dead DP cards that Framework sells on the marketplace. Stripping the board a bit and adapting the pads on the Adapter PCB to a USB C Male Plug on the USB 2.0 backwards compatibility leads and a Resistor to Pull the Voltage down to make it work.

But still my suggestion would be to buy a controller that supports Bluetooth out of the Box to avoid buying a additional adapter and supplies for the mod.

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