AA battery expansion bay draw :]

As the expansion bay has power out pins an extra battery could be connected in the expansion bay.
Instead of a typical flat battery like a phone battery you might be able to fit some AAs in there. :slight_smile:

With a switch and some wiring they could function as an extra emergency battery that can also be easily replaced with a trip to the store.
(the power in pins would probably disconnected from the AAs as recharging probably doesnt work that well)
A seperate easily removable cover would be needed, however, to easily replace the batteries without a screwdriver.

This is probably a very dumb and non-functioning/unuseful but fun idea

  • a useful application would be 21700s instead, but those are spicy :[

One AA battery can provide 1-2W. So powering the laptop would require at the very last 30 batteries.

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A good AA battery has around 3-4Wh of energy, IF you discharge them slowly, so you’d need a lot of them for both capacity and power.

Would be a relatively doable science experiment though even if a bit wasteful.

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So combining the 2W to 50 AA batteries and the need to cycle thourgh them every hour. It’s gonna be an experiment if you can swap batteries fast enough to keep the laptop running.

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It’s even worse, at 2W which is allmost 2 amps you have way less capacity, the energizer I found the datasheet for allready loses half the capacity at 500mA so if you wanted most out of them you would need even more to keep the load per cell low.

Let’s say we need 15W for “emergency” power you’d need 25 to get at least half of the capacity and 300 to get the full rated capacity (it’s rated at 50mA). You would get a ton of runtime with 300 though XD.

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Note that there are other cell sizes to consider!

Bring back D cells XD

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