Accepting Cryptocurrency like Bitcoin?

Personally this would be ideal for me. I’m just looking for a clear “no”, if that is indeed the answer. I would appreciate the possible sentiment “maybe in the future”, but I’m really hoping to make a pre-order with crypto now. If not, I’ll let my credit card account suffer the burden. I personally think most major crypto is going to go up in value, so this would be a neat way of supporting Framework with a little extra income. But that’s just me, I fully understand how many do not want to take this chance.

In the replies they say that they’re keeping an eye on Proof of Stake developments though.


Nano is pretty green!

There will never be insecure PoS on Bitcoin. 100000 personal nodes are against it if you try. Security first. Even the combined power of China, India and USA can not attack Bitcoin on a technical level. On PoS you can attack any network just by printing money until you own 51% of the market cap. So how much is Etherium worth now? Less than 1 hour trading volume at the New York Stock Exchange.
Here somee more debunked FUD: