Adaptive Hibernate not working

Model: Framework 13 i5 1165G7
Running Windows 11 23H2 with BIOS 3.19
All drivers up to date

I started noticing a few weeks ago that whenever I’d leave my framework sleeping I’d return to it hibernated at low battery (20%). Having had the laptop for more than 2 years now and being one of the first ones to experience the initial battery drain problems I followed all the troubleshooting steps with powercfg, sleepstudy etc.
I’ve narrowed it down to this: the system does in fact fall into sleep, and does not consume too much power (less than 5% per hour) but it never stops. It keeps on sleeping until it reaches reserve (20%) at which point it hibnernates. Adaptive hibernate should be preventing this.
I’ve customized the power setting there in the past so I just ran it again hoping it’d solve the issue but no change.
Command I used:

powercfg /setdcvalueindex scheme_current sub_presence standbybudgetpercent 5

So it should be going into hibernate within the first 2 hours after it loses 5% but it doesn’t. Couldn’t find anyone else having this issue and Microsoft documentation on adaptive hibernate is lacking. Not sure what to do. Short of remembering to shut down or hibernate my laptop every night I’m waking up to it almost dead every morning.

See attached excerpts from the sleepstudy report

Probably changing some of the options that Microsoft hides by default with modern standby messed it up. I also had an older Dell laptop that failed to hibernate based on battery level (and I do not recall changing anything for it to break and a newer factory image did not have that problem).

Reset the power plans to default to check if that fixes it.

I have mine set to hibernate if I close the lid, not want you want.

I thought sleep would only switch at 5% without any extra command.

I’ll look into this and maybe test my laptop. Same 1165 Win 11 :slight_smile:

Looking at

Blockquotethat would cause the same switch to hibernation after the battery percentage had dropped about 5% from what it was when the laptop was put into sleep?

What is your battery wear?
What is 5% of what, a) battery specs, b) battery full or c) battery when going to standby ??

Yes that’s true, but in the past I had set it to 10 since I was okay with losing 10% before it hibernating. So I used the same command but set to 5 this time since that’s the default I guess.

I did reset power plans to default like @Ray519 suggested, and going to leave the laptop for a few hours now to see if it does anything.

What is your battery wear?

Battery wear is at 13.6% according to hwinfo.

What is 5% of what, a) battery specs, b) battery full or c) battery when going to standby ??

I think you may have misunderstood what the 5% denotes. It means that the computer goes into hibernate once it loses 5%, so say if my laptop was at 60% and I put it to sleep, it should hibernate once it reaches 55%.

Still reading up on this

Will see if I can find my default value and test, via power btn ??

How about using these options

  1. Set Low battery level ~ mine is 16%

  1. Select Low battery action ~ mine is do nothing but could be Hibernate

No, those don’t do what I’m talking about. Those would trigger the action based on the battery percentage, while adaptive hibernate triggers based on battery percentage lost, so for instance if I set the critical level to 20 and action to hibernate, it will always trigger at 20% regardlress of whether the laptop is sleeping or in use. While adaptive hibernate would only trigger while the laptop is sleeping and after a set percentage of battery is lost (so it can trigger at any battery percentage since it doesn’t care about that, only how much is lost)

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I did reset power plans to default like @Ray519 suggested, and going to leave the laptop for a few hours now to see if it does anything.

Ok, looks like this actually may have fixed it.
In my past few weeks of testing this, I had not once been able to get adaptive hibernate to actually trigger, and first test today after resettting power plans has brought it back, looks like.

I’ll try it out again tomorrow and see if it sticks but very happy with the progress.
Never thought something as simple as “reset the power settings” would fix it :sweat_smile:

Yeah, thats the problem with all the hidden settings of Windows.
Some of them are hidden because they will be ignored, some are hidden because they are fragile and even a temporary change might break things longterm. And some just only mix with certain other settings…

I am still searching for a way to see the history of power states of my SSD and how I can impact that with those settings. Because without any feedback, changing it bling, no way you end up with an improvement by just guessing.

Looks like it is going to stick. It’s been working as expected since. Thanks for your help @Ray519!

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