Adding padding to prevent noise?

Hi all.

Sometimes when I pick up my Framework from a certain corner, or press on it a certain way, the chassis can make clicks and pops. It’s not a huge issue, but it certainly makes the build quality feel worse.

I’m curious if anyone has tried adding foam/padding to the inside of the Framework to prevent unwanted noise?


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I don’t think that would be a particularly good idea for one reason, and that reason is heat. The space inside is already pretty confined. The issues you are speaking of are just the consequences of a thin and light laptop. Perhaps a better solution would be to just avoid picking it up in the way that causes it to pop?

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I don’t think I explained it well :sweat_smile:
What I meant was small padding/foam pieces on some of the supports of the chassis, not large pieces to fill the volume.

Yeah but I don’t encounter any of these issues when using similar laptops from other brands.

Yes, this is because other brands are gluing and building there laptops in ways which do not make them easily repairable but increase the structural rigidity such that creaking and pops from picking the devices up at the corners doesn’t happen.

I get that from this perspective it might cause one to question the build quality, but the truth is that this is just the cost of a thin and light built to be repairable. That being said, the corners are strong enough to handle such things. Probably not ideal to make it a habitual thing though. I don’t hear mine do this.


I don’t get any creaks. The screws on the bottom may not be properly secured. Double check if they are tight. Between the screws and the magents I have no play.

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