After 7 months some maintenance is needed

I have had my FW laptop for around 7 month and recently found that the machine was not shutting down when I closed the screen, On investigation I found that all the screws had come slightly loose inside the laptop, so I gently re-tighten them and now all works as it should.

I do look after the laptop but it does get the occasional bump, So every 6 months I recommend that all screws are checked for security.


Threadlocker should do the trick.

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Very true but the thread retainer would have to be a very low strength or it could be difficult to remove the screws at a later date.
This one would work LOCTITE® 222™

LOCTITE® Purple Threadlocker

LOCTITE® purple threadlocker, also known as LOCTITE® 222™, has become one of our most successful products. LOCTITE® 222™ cures in 24 hours. This low strength threadlocker can be used on metals such as aluminum and brass and offers a lot of flexibility to the user.

LOCTITE® purple threadlocker has many uses, from carburetor screws to eyeglasses to small screws on laptops. Due to the threadlocker being low strength, it can be removed with the same tool used to put the project together. It is available in an easy-to-use liquid application, which makes the product especially efficient with very small screw applications, less than ¼ inches in diameter.

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You just need to find the right formula to use. One that isn’t too strong, but tacky enough not to become loose.

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