Airtag expansion card idea

I had the idea of putting an AirTag in an expansion card slot and I looked on the forums and it seems as tho people have been unsuccessful but I found an AirTag that has been disassembled JTEE3D - Creators of the slim AirTag and I was curious if anyone knew the dimensions of an expansion card as I’d love to see if this would fit but I don’t have a framework yet

3d models are here

Basic size of the pcb

is that in millimeters

sure is.

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It will fit nicely, however, it seems a bit pointless, since the card could be easily removed. Unless the thieves are clueless or you want it for tracking a lost computer.

In the case of theft, you may only have ~12 hours before the thief is notified if they’re an apple user. Less if you don’t disable the airtag speaker, of course. And people have tried going to the police saying an airtag is tracking stolen property, most often the police are completely useless / won’t do a single thing.

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ugh that’s a bummer I was planning on removing the speaker anyway

@Moe_Wigs I figured that if I made the card look like a factory one then if someone steals my laptop who doesn’t know about framework wouldn’t know about the removeable i.o. Do you know if theirs enough space to put a stripped down airtag in the laptop itself? Also i just saw what mj1 one said and an airtag might not be a viable option but has anyone had an sucsess with a gps expansion card?

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True, I wouldn’t like to rely on it, but it’s better than nothing, I suppose.


The best there is, so far, or maybe ever.

Probably not enough room, they seem quite tall. If you can’t fit it in an expansion card, you won’t fit it in the body.

can I buy this off you?

I seem to recall I explained how I’d lost the original files. There are some good pictures though, if you want to replicate it. I can tell you, it does work rather well.

Did you just loose the cadfiles or everything any idea what board you used? I’m not super tech y when it comes to pcbs and soldering

Yes, I lost the stl’s. I mentioned which adapter I’d used, I’m sure I did. I don’t think you can buy them new anymore. They replaced it with a smaller micro usb device. The old one was the ideal size, since the antenna is smack in the middle of the “sticky out bit”. It was a GlobalSat ND-100S USB GPS Dongle

What’s wrong with the new model would it still work for this purpose you think?

Of course. It’s just much shorter, you could maybe use a micro to usb c adapter of the right length. It’s a GlobalSat ND-105C. I just checked on aliexpress for the old type and it doesn’t seem to be available. The new one is 25.5mm long, so you would need an adapter of around 30mm.

So you just got a usbc to micro usb adapter plugged that in to the framework and gps module then just 3d printed a case?

No, the old one was a standard usb a. So I used a usb a to usb c converter. Like this:


That’s why the old one was so good, it was the perfect length.
If you are in the States, it looks like you can still get an old one from ebay.

~NIOB~ GlobalSat ND-100S USB GPS Reciever Dongle | eBay

So essentially all I would need was the micro usb to usbc adapter then the gps module and just a 3d printed enclosure