AirTag expansion card?

Does anyone know if there’s a project to adapt an AirTag to expansion card form factor?

It would be neat if it could charge off USB and ditch the coin cell.

If you search, you’ll find two discussions of AirTag cards. Someone did squeeze one in.
But ultimately, if the desire is to track your laptop in case of theft, it’s not of as much use as you might hope.

Android devices are supposed to alert you of airtags “following” you as well now. link

These types of trackers just have too much potential to be used for stalking, and they have been, especially before apple increased countermeasures. So they, by necessity, have to be nerfed to the point that they aren’t of great use for theft tracking.

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Just to bring in a point though, Airtags are also great for when you lose your belongings, say on a train or somewhere you forgot!
It’s sad (although nessecary) that Airtags got nerfed, but it definetly still does have other uses!

‘Homemade’ China AirTag Costs 7x Less Than Apple’s Own Trackers And Supports Find My To Locate Misplaced Or Stolen Items This may be something to look into if you want something that fits in a smaller form factor! This may even fit in a Snack Drawer xD

Interesting. Though google doesn’t give any source for the “NDB1793SG” module, which seems to be used there. Nothing on aliexpress. Is there any source that ships outside china easily & preferably has an english option? TaoBao seems to want an account to even search. Plus, they don’t seem to have an English option.

I don’t know how useful it would be without the precision of UWB, but if it was cheap and available it would be nice to try.

In searching around, I see there are other efforts to make BLE devices that work with the apple airtag FindMy system. Though apple might block use at some point.