Aldona case - absolutely perfect

I got the etsy Aldona custom leather laptop case I heard about on these forums. I have to say it is absolutely perfect. I caused the scratches, and they’re expected since this case is going to “wear”

Here are the dimensions I gave them…

Framework laptop (
299mm wide x 232mm long x 19mm tall

I left a little room left-to-right so slim usb devices could stay attached. Front to back could use a little more room (maybe 235mm instead of 232mm) but it works.


Looks great! I imagine there isn’t much there in the way of padding right? This is really just scratch protections, etc. Yes?

Thanks for the pictures and feedback!

There are a few mm of padding travel when you push on the case. The edges (especially front to back) are a bit exposed. (likely due to my sizing though… really wish I added a few mm front to back)

The Framework has been really difficult to find a nice case for given the awesome, but uncommon form factor. This one definitely fits the bill.

Hi there, are you still liking your Aldona case? Any updates on how it is going?

I got a hardcase but I rarely use it.

Still use it daily. It has held up great so far. I even dropped my laptop once and it came out of the case without any damage.