All I/O devices/expansion cards stop working after updating to BIOS 3.10 on Manjaro Linux via LVFS

This is kind of urgent because I cannot charge the laptop.

Basically the title. After installing the 3.10 update, all I/O stopped working. I cannot charge the laptop, even without an expansion card present (plugging it in directly to the USB-C connection where an expansion card would normally go). USB drives are not detected either.

Dmesg says this 4 times:

usb 3-9: reset full-speed USB device number 2 using xhci_hcd

It also says this at one point:

usb: port power management may be unreliable

And this:

usbcore: registered new interface driver btusb

However, if I go to bmenu > Hardware and Drivers > List Installed Drivers, it says:

Warning: no installed configs for USB devices found!

Please help Iā€™m at 32% battery

Update: Framework support had me clear the CMOS battery and that fixed it, crisis averted


Hey @Seth_Adkins, would you mind posting how you cleared the CMOS battery for future users if they run into this issue?

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@zmk5 there is a guide here on how to do it How do I replace the RTC Battery in my Framework Laptop?