Allow the option to choose the type of keyboard regardless of the region purchasing

I assume this has to do with logistics, however I guess quantities can be adjusted based on occurrence.

I would like to use ISO keyboard for ergonomic reasons/custom keyboard type. In order to do that, at this moment in the US store there is only ANSI that I can configure, while in EU there is both ANSI and ISO. It would be great to have the option to choose any keyboards that are available in the marketplace, be available in the configuration pre-purchase. I would also love to switch from ISO to JIS, so most likley I would buy JIS pre-configured if I had the option.

Could this become possible in the future?


Yeah, I agree, this would be very handy. It would also have an added benefit of reducing waste as you’re not buying a keyboard that you don’t need.

It’s surely possible but as you said, I also think that it has to do with logistics and it may be simpler right now to not offer multiple options for the moment.

From the latest mail:

We’re also optimizing our logistics by shipping pre-orders for all countries directly from our fulfillment partner in Taoyuan, a short drive from the factory. This means we can shorten the time from a laptop leaving the production line to landing on your doorstep to as low as single-digit days in many cases.

So if I am understanding it correctly, if everything is shipped from one place, this means that there is no reason to why limit the selection per region in pre-configuration menu.