Alpha Windows 11 Driver bundle

We have put together a driver bundle for Windows 11 based on the latest driver kit from Intel.

This has not undergone the extensive validation our previous driver bundle releases have undergone, so we are calling this an Alpha release.

Importantly this includes the updated SST driver which some users have reported the older version had issues with standby in Windows 11.

Download Link:


Driver Version
Chipset 10.1.18793.8276
Intel Gaussian and Neural Accelerator gna-
Intel Graphics Driver 100.9836
Intel CSME TGL-U_15.0.35.1951 V6.2_Corporate
Intel_DTT 8.7.10700.22502
Intel Integrated Sensor Hub
Intel Bluetooth PHBTW38554_22.80.0.4G
Intel Wifi PHWFW04463_22.80.0.9G
Intel SerialIO 30.100.2129.8_PV_TGL_PCH_Win11
Intel Thunderbolt Rev84
Goodix Fingerprint 3.12804.0.140
Intel Smart Sound 1.
Realtek Audio 1. 6.0.9172.1_WHQL
  1. Only installed on systems with Realtek Audio Codec.

Should I go to Intel and download their driver update tool, or should I just download and run your driver install script?


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