AMD 13 7840U Overheating Ram?

i paired my framework 13 with the crucial 96gb kit 5600mhz and noticed anytime i put a load on the gpu the ram sticks would get to 80c and cut half the bandwidth giving me half the fps that i should get, now i know this isnt really a gaming machine but i mean cmon it has the radeon 780m. Now for the question, is anyone else having their ram get extremely hot and throttling or is it just this particular kit? because i dont have any other ram sticks to test it with so i might as well ask the community.

PS: i did put thermal pads mixed with some thermal paste on the ram sticks to keep the temps down a bit (lol yea i know) and it does seem to give me the full performance now but it still seems like a weird issue, like ive never heard of ram getting to 80c before.

Maybe the 96GB kit is too dense for the 13? What load are you using to test? I only have a 32GB kit and haven’t seen excessive temps, but I’ll test what I can.
Not seeing anything to worry about here fans weren’t even going hard. 2x16gb crucial 5600 cl46

literally any load on the gpu does it, now i cant really show it throttling because it has the thermal pads and thermal paste on the ram (plus the thermal paste kinda glued the ram to the board so i cant retest it without it lol) but this is what i managed to get it down to

I know you’re not the only one here with a 96GB kit, maybe edit the title to reflect that and one of the others with big RAM energy will see this thread?


Have you considered contacting Crucial also?
Higher temps might be an intrinsic property of higher density memory modules (just guessing, like another user previously did).

They should be able to tell whether the temps you’re seeing are to be expected.

Desktop overclocked RAM can indeed become quite hot, but I’m not sure about inside the sealed casing of a laptop.

So I contacted crucial and they said it’s not normal for those sodimms to get that hot and it could be something with the laptop, but I’m unsure if it’s the ram or the laptop since I don’t have another kit to test it with. If anyone else has 64 or 96gb and are willing to stress test just to rule out if the problem is the ram that would be cool.

I have 64gb in an 11th gen. Let me know what you want me to test and if I can I will be happy to do so. I’m running linux, can boot to windows but would rather not as it’s on an expansion card, hasn’t been updated, insert excuse here…

i think a amd mainboard would give a better answer cause ddr4 and ddr5 are different

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i do have a dumb theory though, since they didnt test 48gb sodimms that much it could be that the mainboard is supplying more voltage to the ram than needed and then lying about it. cause on their support page it says it boots but its not officially supported and they only put limited validation.

just realized they dont have the crucial ddr5 kit on that list

Good point re ddr4/5. Clearly not enough coffee on my side today. I have 96gb sitting waiting on the 16", but that may be too far down the line. I will be following this to see how things work out for you. Best of luck.

64GB Crucial 5600 user here. I have had it reach around 79 degrees during the furmark version of memtest86. Just checked my log as well to confirm that.

Yea but does it throttle the dram bandwidth for you as well? Also I don’t mean to be “that guy” but furmark is known to put unrealistic loads on components, does it also get that high with something like superposition?
The game mode on it seems to give a more expected load on the ram like I’ve seen in most games. Cause I’m wondering if it’s able to stay under 79c with something more realistic, because if it reaches 79c regardless and then throttles then the density thing could be right.

I’m also starting to wonder if this is only a problem with crucials high density sodimms or if other brands have the same problem.

I genuinely don’t know how to check for that bandwidth issue. Never been a concern for me.

Normal use temps (just browsing) is around 48c

Trying out that game benchmark you mentioned at high I got my 2 sticks up to 74.5 and 69.5 degrees Celsius at max temp. When in cinematic mode directly afterward the 2nd stick got up to 69.8 degrees Celsius.

Apparently this never got updated to acknowledge that Windows 11 exists though as it assumed I was running on Windows 10 (I am not).

nah im on 11 but i dont think the os matters, also you can check the bandwidth of the dram in hwinfo on the sensors option if u scroll down to it

the behavior i notice when gaming if it throttles is the read will jump down from 20~30gbps read to around 10gbps and thats when the fps hit happens

@Matt_Hartley any help on this does the laptop support more than 64GB of DDR5 RAM or not ? Could it be that Framework validated only 64GB because of overheating RAM issues ?