AMD 13 Touchpad sometimes need to be re-enabled?

I have a problem right now with the AMD 13, when I put the laptop to sleep for a few hours and then open it again, the touchpad would sometimes (once every few days) stop working but I can still connect external mouse.

All I needed to do to get it working again was to disable and then re-enable I2C HID Device in device manager. Keyboard still works fully in the meantime so I can navigate and re-enable the touchpad even without an external mouse.

It’s a small inconvenience, but I’m not sure if this is indicative of some larger issue? It feels like some sort of driver/software issue, I checked for driver updates in device manager and nothing is found.

Recently updated to BIOS 3.05, AMD 13 7640U. Anyone else had this issue before?

There is a whole other thread where several folk seem to have the same problem. Might be of FL16s, but the problem seems the same.

Hm, I couldn’t find that other thread.