AMD 24.1.1 Driver - Suspension Issue


On Windows 11 I’m having issues with the new 24.1.1 drivers on my Framework 13 AMD 7840u.

When suspended for a few hours, after lifting the lid the lights/input/power button light up but the screen is blank. After a few seconds, the lights all turn off and the laptop loads up as if from hibernation.

Most times, the WiFi card seems to be disconnected and therefore requires a full restart to reactivate.

This was not an issue on the previous drivers.

Does anybody know firstly why this might be the case? Secondly, is it worth reverting to the previous drivers? And I suppose thirdly, does anybody know how to revert the drivers?


In response to your second question, only you can make that choice on whether or not it’s worth it to revert to the previous drivers. As for your third question, rerunning the driver bundle should revert the drivers to the previous versions. You can verify that in device manager. For the iGPU driver, if it doesn’t successfully revert to the previous one, you can try running DDU followed by rerunning the driver bundle.