AMD 7640U Framework 13 hanging and resetting on video playback

I’m currently running Windows 11, and as of a day or two ago video playback started hanging, restarting repeatedly, and then eventually the computer hard resets. I’ve tried multiple video playback methods, including VLC and just going to Youtube and playing anything at all.

I don’t see that the video driver has been updated, so I’m not really sure what to go look at to understand what might be going on. Any suggestions?

Pulling up the event viewer, I see:

Display driver amduw23g stopped responding and has successfully recovered.

Unfortunately I don’t see any more detail about what the driver was doing or why it stopped responding. Uninstalling and reinstalling the driver did no good; the problem reproduces.

Memory test shows no memory errors.

It looks like this has got to be a Windows driver issue. Video playback works just fine on Fedora 39. I don’t really know what to do to try and fix it on Windows; the drivers that come from Framework and also the latest from AMD both exhibit the same problem. And I still haven’t figured out what changed a couple of days ago.

I re-imaged Windows 11 and the problem persists. :frowning:

Driver crashes happen when the laptop is just running a browser as well. They do not happen if the laptop is extremely cold. This must be a hardware problem. Nobody from Framework has responded to the support request at all.

Hello @zbrozek. The oldest unresponded to ticket is now 4 days old given the extreme volume Framework Support is seeing right now. As you wrote in on the 16th, you should be getting a response from our team shortly. Thank you for your patience.