AMD BSOD (DPC Watchdog Violation)

Running an AMD Framework 13 with the 7840u, running into the similar BSOD issues that other users have reported. Installed the drivers from Framework, the first started having these first week of December. From those other threads, heard that getting the drivers from AMD might resolve, so I did a clean uninstall of the drivers and installed the ones direct from AMD with their detection tool and still getting the same BSOD with the same stop code and file triggering it.

All of them have been a DPC Watchdog Violation, all in ntoskernal.exe.

Running the following:

  • Windows 11 Professional 23H2 (Build 22631)
  • Framework 13 AMD 7840U, DIY Edition
  • Samsung 990 Pro (latest firmware)
  • HyperX Kingston Fury 32GB (2x16GB) DDR5-5600 (KF556S40IBK2-32)
  • BIOS 03.03 (shipped with by default)

Drivers are as follows:

  • Driver Version:
  • AMD Windows Driver Version: 31.0.23013.1023
  • AMD Audio Driver Version:

I’ve ran several passes of MemTest 86 and the Windows Memory Diagnostic, no issues reported.

Any help on this issue would be greatly appreciated. Once is happenstance, but this is now a pattern.

Pastebin link above to show a run through of Windbg to try and identify cause.

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Can’t say that this is definitively a fix, but so far at least, this has been successful for me for 6 days now at preventing BSODs for DPC Watchdog Violations. Hope it works for others too.

Edit: yep, too good to be true, just had a crash after 8 days.

Just recovered from another BSOD. Another DPC Watchdog Violation error. This one actually pointed to another file alongside NTOSKRNEL. AMDKMDAG.SYS.

Running the latest Adrenalin drivers. Only difference between now and previous is disabling of some of the Windows Hypervisor features to determine if virtualisation was at fault. Seems not.

I think I’m running into the exact same issue :frowning:
(though I will say, I’m kindof glad to not be the only one with this issue)

Seems to be a common issue atm and people trying to figure out if it’s driver related or what is causing it. No look but I have raised a support ticket with Framework so will see what they say.

Yea, loads of us having the same issue over at this topic: Random hard freezes fw13 amd7840u win11