AMD Framework 13 BIOS update

So I did a noob thing. I got my framework 13 AMD and started using it without installing the driver bundle.
Anyone knows what’s the latest version number?
I am trying to run the update now, I dont see any progress bar.

BIOS version/date shows INSYDE Corp 03.03, 10/17/2023 <-this is what I see via MSINFO32

That’s the latest BIOS

Man I thought You had installed an intel bios on an AMD board, I was interested to see what happened.
Latest FW driver bundle

Latest AMD drivers (7840u) 23.12.1


@lane_ftw You are actually correct. Right after I posted here, I went back and re-read the file name. It’s all loaded now and works fine.
Late night and no sleep, aint the right combo.