AMD Gang, any of you are planning to swap out the Mediatek WiFi?

I’m going to give the Mediatek a chance, it’s not like my current Intel AX200 is as rock solid as the Atheros one was in my previous notebook (kinda sad that Atheros got assimilated).

If it’s no good I’ll get a replacement later on. At least we can do so on these systems.

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I will happily trade anyone a spare AX210 (I have 2 on hand) for the RZ616 / MT7922 that comes with the AMD boards. Mediatek is way better in my opinion with Linux in tree driver, though I’ve only tested using the RZ608 / MT7921 so far.

Yup, after years on Linux and OpenWRT this (edit: not just presence, but also active maintenance/contribution/participation from the vendor) is the predictor of success. So, planning on using the Mediatek adapter on my batch 5.

Incidentally, this will be primarily on a WLAN with a Mediatek-based Netgear WAX206 OpenWRT router/AP, which

replaced an ath10k (post-assimilation) based OpenWRT router/AP (Netgear R7800) that was having issues for years.

Whereas, the pre-assimilation (or at least pre completion of assimilation, not sure about the timeline) ath9k based Buffalo WHR-HP-AG300H I’m also using (again with OpenWRT) has been stupidly stable and up to date for the 12+ years I’ve had it.


Is the Wifi 6E functionality working again with the AX210 in the Framework laptop?

Yeah, it was an Ath9k that was so rock solid for me. If there’s an in-tree kernel driver for the Mediatek card that gets bundled, it will probably work just fine as that means it’s maintained by the kernel network team, which have a fantastic track record.

I’m referring to this issue:

i.e. Will AX210 6GHz work with the AMD board? Doesn’t it need some kind of BIOS support to set a flag or something?

If anyone received their AMD 13 with the RZ616 (Mediatek), can you do me a favour and let me know if the performance is good/bad?? I probably still can add a WiFi card to my order… am at later batch… thank you!

Yeah the ath9k was a nice anomaly and we probably won’t get anything anywhere near as open ever again.

Having something 6e that is as open as ath9k would be the dream but imagine the screaming regulators XD (well not entirely unjustified but still).

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Actually, the regulators would not be justified at all. Copyright patents on hardware is hell for security and privacy.

As for if this is an anomaly, perhaps it is for the foreseeable future, but there are folks working on this according to nitrokey developers. I got a message about it once.

This is however very alpha last I checked… so its not happening for a while.

But it is hope at least for the next 5-10 years probably.

I just did the swap from the RZ616 / MT7922 to the AX210. Overall performance seems to be similar for me on Windows, still need to test Linux. Peak power consumption does seem to be lower. Power consumption during YouTube / streaming seems to be a tad lower maybe 200-500 mw. Idle power consumption seems to be roughly the same. Standby time for Windows seems to be similar at ~0.6% per hour.

I think the Linux side would be potentially better / have less issues, but will need to test.


I didn’t mean those regulators. I meant the FCC and local equivalents.

Wifi n mostly only used ism bands so if someone abused their freedom they would mostly only interfere with other commercial or consumer equipment . That didn’t stop the regulators from throwing a fit then but 6e also shares frequencies with stuff like weather/airport radar, cell networks and stuff like that.


I get much better performance from the mt7921(2) devices than the AX200(10) based devices I have in my network for reference. So am actually a big fan of it. It supports AP and MON modes the AX200 does not and has a relatively complete OpenSource implementation vs the Blobby intel.

I think most of the reports were from people inserting them into non-validated Intel Windows laptops in combiation with buggy vendor firmwares. They have been nothing but stellar in my openwrt routers and in the FW13 AMD I received so far and I have realworld 1.9GBitrx /1Gbit tx perf out of them with normal crappy wifi induced latency.

If you want performance then wire it up. The FW13 has USB4/Thunderbolt which will net you a 20Gbit Duplex network interface for free when attached to a Workstation with a 10Gbit Dock you’re good to go.


Yes, I will give a try to the Intel BE200. Wifi 7 and Bluetooth 5.4

Honestly, I’ve never considered switching or choosing specific wifi hardware. I just never really investigated the wifi performance. I use wired desktop systems for network intensive stuff (like updating StarCitizen and other games) and don’t do anything with my laptops that would not work well on a sub-perfect wifi connection.


Nice didn’t know they released a new one. Seems to be pretty hard to get though.

FYI the Intels can have issues with overheating : [GUIDE] Possible solution for AX210 issues - #10 by pierce

Mine hasn’t given me any troubles so far and even seems to have better reception than my pixel 7 pro, so I don’t yee why I’d want to exchange it tbh. If I need even more speed, I’ll use ethernet

I see, that’s a good point, so your saying interference from different frequencies, that is reasonable. Fair point.

Not really fair, the ath9k ones (especially the ones with 5ghz radios) could also have transmitted in bands the really should not but somehow the world didn’t end. But it is their justification, at least the came down from their initial knee-jerk reaction where they told everyone to lock stuff way down which allmost killed open-wrt and co.

And if you look at wifi 7 with punctured channels and stuff like that you can probably see how it keeps getting more complicated but also lets you use more of the spectrum. It used to be the regulatory domain said you can use those channels and absolutely mustn’t use these, no we you can use those, and those if you check nothing else is on there and that one if you make sure you don’t transmit on Sunday at 7:15 or when the moon is in retrograde.

I own a Batch 4 AMD FW13. Just received a BE200 in the mail today. Laptop would not boot/post with it installed. Just got the power ight illuminated but no other signs of life.

As soon as I put back the original mediatek card, it worked right away. Seems us AMD users will have a longer wait for internal WiFi 7.