AMD open source GPU code

Reports that AMD are planning to open source their GPU code soon

Doesn’t appear to be an April Fool spoof to me, but I’m not deep into that area.

As far as I’m aware, the GPU driver has been open source for a while now:

Perhaps there’s some nuance that I’m missing? I’m not familiar with what MES is or what it’s responsibilities are compared to the driver I linked.

I believe this is the upstream source.


Might really be

They’re open sourcing additional software and hardware docs. Speculation is more of the firmware blob will be open sourced, but we’ll see.

For MES, this has a bit of information and links as to what it is


I took it that they are open sourcing the code that is loaded into the GPU, so I believe that would be whatever blob they load at boot.

I was hoping that’s what it’d be. This is a HUGE deal, even if they’re only able to open a chunk of it.