AMD options?

Is Framework team considering offering options with AMD Ryzen CPUs?
They seems to be very competitive and more power efficient than their Intel counterparts.


I am very interested in an AMD powered option


There have been loads of AMD requests - the team have responded that there may well be an AMD motherboard option (among others) in the future, but no timeline: AMD processors? and AMD CPUs please - #18 by Todd_Freeman


Have to say, I would have put in my order if there was AMD options. Current Intel CPUs are not worth messing with IMO. Which is good. AMD is making them hustle to catch up and it shows we will have good competition in the future. For now though, AMD is the clear choice.


The team made the CPU decision quite a while ago and they are busy enough getting Framework Laptop 1.0 out the door so there will be a “framework” that other boards, including presumably motherboards with AMD, RISC/V, Arm64, etc.(both from FW and possibly from other suppliers), can be plugged into. If they don’t get 1.0 off the ground, the choice of processor (a) won’t be the cause and (b) won’t matter.


Another reason for AMD is that they already have ECC support, but no other laptop manufacturers are willing to support it (they are lazy and don’t listen to customers).

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What are the advantages of ECC on notebooks? I know about bug fixing and etc… but what’s the advantage of this without being on a server?

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A server is a computer, a laptop is a computer. There are endless sources to research online, so I think this thread is more for folks that have done that research… Linus Torvalds wants it on all of his computers these days - maybe that is a place to start your research.