AMD upgrade guide missing upgrade use-cases

So I’ve noticed the FW13 upgrade guide to AMD (AMD Ryzen 7040 Series Upgrade Overview - Framework Guides) forgets about the use case of wanting to upgrade the Mainboard, but also upgrade the SSD (such that the old SSD can stay with the board you remove, if you so decide to keep that ‘build’ mostly together).

My particular use-case was talking out my old board, SSD, and RAM, then installing those parts into the Coolermaster case (which btw, does not come with an extra sound card, nor WiFi antennae, but does allow for them to be included. I only have one of each of those parts in the main laptop, but neither are for sale in the Marketplace yet) and installing the new AMD board with a fresh SSD and RAM. This kept me from needing to install the AMD driver bundle needlessly on the old SSD, and although that should be assumed, if someone were to follow this guide to a T, they’d have unneeded drivers installed on their old Intel board.

It may be nice for those people to mention "if you’re also upgrading your SSD inside the FW13, you do not need to pre-install the driver/bios bundle.

I only mention this as it only pertains to Windows users, since the Linux bundle comes included with Linux. Windows users who may want to update their Mainboard but keep their old one as a complete machine (SSD install, drivers, etc) would be affected by this. I know it’s simple, but for the people who care about bloat or micromanagement of their storage, it could be useful!

P.s. @Framework when do you think the sound card and replacement wifi antennae may be available on the marketplace? (Unless i missed it!)

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They both appear to be available in the US store at least:

The laptop antenna module is not compatible with the cooler master case, but the sound board is.
EDIT: Both parts are compatible with the case!

You can still find other recommendations for other antenna if the version Framework sells is not strong enough for your liking!

if you search the forum you may be able to find some recommendatons for wifi antenna, but there are many kinds available for the case.

The laptop antenna module is compatible with the cooler master case, I just installed it :). It is in the documentation: Cooler Master Mainboard Case Quick Start Guide - Framework Guides


Nice! I wasn’t aware as I’ve never used the coolermaster case, thanks for adding this detail I was not aware of!

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