An expansion bay with usb ports and thunderbolt

Hi! I got an idea, an expansion bay with audio jack, usb ports, and a thunderbolt port for an eGPU. Would this be possible? I was thinking of making a home setup where i could just slide in a framework 16 and have everything plugged in and ready to go.

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Hi and welcome to the forum

Anything is possible, are you offering to built such :slight_smile:

Hi! Yes I am going to try to build one as soon as I can get my hands on a framework 16

My understanding is that the expansion bay is not hot-swappable. I believe you have to take off the keyboard to swap it, and there is some speculation that its required for the cooling solution.

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Is this new information? I hadn’t seen anything on that topic up to this point, but I may be out of the loop.

Just looking at pictures of the connector, it didn’t seem hot-swappable. Looked like holes for screws in the center of each group of pins.

Then look at Framework’s github, and it seems like there’s no way it’s hot-swappable. They even show an example of it screwing together with two m2 torx.

The connector is labeled as FXBeam from neoconix unimicron. Checking their site, they show it as screw-down too. Don’t see any other option mentioned.

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You can basically already do that with a single thunderbolt link. For example the Razer Core X Chroma eGPU case has a built-in USB hub (you can either utilise the audio stream through the HDMI/DisplayPort or use an audio USB dongle).

Appreciate the info! It does look like that connector is present on the development samples, which would make it not hot swappable. Unfortunate.

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