Any Australian's out there rocking a framework laptop?

Hello all!

I’m thinking about purchasing a framework laptop and using a shipping-forwarding service to get it from America to Australia (where the laptop has not officially launched yet). From the little research I’ve done it seems like it should be fairly straightforward, and the shipping shouldn’t be too bad (50-70ish AUD if I had to guess).
So, I’m just curious if anyone else has done this and has any forwarding services they’d recommend, and also if there’s any caveats I may have overlooked.

The only possible issue I can think of is the power adapter. Will it be fine if plugged into an Australian outlet (which is 240V rather than 120V) just using a standard IEC C5 cable that’ll work with Australian outlets?

I think I’ll just wait until they’ve launched in Australia, I’m not in much of a rush to get the laptop and it just seems like the better option to wait it out for a little.

Look for posts by @Josh_Cook .
I believe he has stated he is in Australia.

He has been designing and Ethernet module.

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Not sure, but you could use any other PD compatible USB-C power supply that works with Australian outlets. Or you could forward your laptop from Europe, where they also use 240V, but that’s probably more expensive because of shipping and tax.

Hello there, the Australian framework owner. I’m using the framework supplied charger with a new power cable. The brick will support 100-240 volts. Minor oversight on shipping cost on your side as it will be over a thousand Australian dollars you will have to add 10% of the Australian dollar cost for Import fees plus a 60 dollar processing fee. Turned out to be about 350AUD (for everything including shipping (fedex economy)) for a 1500AUD laptop.


Please make sure you fully understand the implications of freight forwarding before you go ahead with it.

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I was happy with the risk of freight forwarding and have a DIY edition in NZ. I’m quite used to that for a lot of tech products that will never make it to NZ.

Top tip - order the DIY edition with no RAM/SSD/Power supply to reduce the import fees, and buy those locally.

Loving it! Great quality laptop.


Nice tip — thanks. I didn’t realize RAM was optional as well.

Question for Josh_H if you’re around, which freight forwarder did you use to get it to NZ? The NZ Post people won’t do it apparently.

I just posted about my experience ordering and shipping to Australia.


Framework just emailed me that they’re gearing up to start shipping to Australian customers. So I suggest holding off on purchasing from US.

EDIT: Full text of the email:

Thank you for showing your interest in having Framework available in Australia. The demand we have received has been incredible and we’re finalizing the infrastructure to make shipments possible. We’ll send you an update as soon as we open ordering.

In the past three months, we’ve introduced the new and upgraded Framework Laptop and received great feedback from press reviewers. We can’t wait to bring the Framework Laptop to Australia next!

Was there any mention of date / month?

Nope — see my updated post with full text of the email I received.

Glad that you’re one step closer to getting one in a supported fashion.

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