Purchase experience in Australia

Disclaimer: Framework team has time and again warned against shipping to countries they don’t officially support for warranty and other reasons. Keep that in mind before deciding to follow anything in this post.

I could no longer wait for Framework to come to Australia so I had one shipped via a package forwarder. I thought I detail out my experience, the cost and some other tips and notes for in case it’s helpful to some of you.

As luck had it, a mere one hour after my purchase of the 1st Gen Framework, the 2nd Gen was announced! The awesome folks at Framework offered me two options: a discount or a total refund. I went with the discount as I didn’t want to further wait for a month or two.

The spec I ordered:

  • 11th Gen Intel i7-1165G7 (mid range)
  • No RAM, No SSD, No power brick, No WiFi
  • Expansion cards: 4 USB-C, 3 USB-A, 2 MicroSD, 1 HDMI

This cost a total of $1674 AUD and $1435 AUD after the discount.

The reason I didn’t order any of the internal components was to save on import fees. Australia subjects all imports to 15% fees unless the overseas merchant has already charged the purchaser the GST (VAT) fee. I did ensure that a compatible RAM module and SSD stick was available in Australia before leaving them out of the order.

I used shipito to forward my laptop. I’ve used them a dozen times over the past decade and they’ve been headache free to date. It cost $165 AUD via DHL Express with delivery and damage insurance.

It took a few days to arrive to Australia but then spent a good full week at the customs for some reason. I finally got the import fee bill from DHL to the tune of $290 AUD. That’s about $40 AUD more than what I expected — import duty is 5% of the AUD value and GST is 10%, for total of 15% of $1674 AUD = $251 AUD. For the attentive among you, I did forget to declare the discounted price so I ended up paying more import fee than I needed to.

Once I had the laptop in hand, I put the order for two 32GB Cruicial sticks (CT32G4SFD832A) for a total of 64GB and $400 AUD. I also ordered a 2TB WD BLACK SN850 NVMe SSD on Amazon for a surprisingly low price of $384 AUD — I haven’t received this yet and I won’t be surprised if it’s the wrong size, but if not, then it’s a good $150 AUD cheaper than anywhere else.

I have an existing Intel AX210 WiFi+Bluetooth card and plenty of USB-C chargers and cables so no cost there.

In total, my setup cost me: $1435 + $165 + $290 + $400 + $400 = $2690 AUD.

Not terrible. I will make an update when the SSD arrives as well as when I migrate my Archlinux to Framework.


The SSD did arrive and it’s the right size and everything! So anyone looking to save a bunch of $$$ head right down to the link in the post.

I migrated my Arch installation with rsync with success. I did have an issue with the WiFi throwing errors like below in the kernel log and not connecting to any APs:

iwlwifi 0000:01:00.0: WRT: Failed to set DRAM buffer for alloc id 1, ret=-1

The workaround to use firmware version 63 fixed the issue.

The only major issue I have is the my LG Ultrafine 5K display not working over Thunderbolt. Will open a new issue for this.

EDIT: Turns out the long Thunderbolt cable was to blame. Used a 60cm long one and it’s working smoothly and with no issues so far.

EDIT: Nope, even with a shorter cable, it only works sometimes. And the longer I use it, the less reliable it gets. I have now given up on the 5K display for now. I’m hoping this is a firmware issue on the Framework side and not a general Linux shortcoming.

EDIT: My issues with 5K screen seems to be limited to Linux. Windows 10 works perfectly.

EDIT: Yet another issue with the screen is super slow charging speed — e.g. 10 hours+ to go from 50% to 80%.

Thanks for sharing your experience @oxplot I am now considering the same!


Thanks for sharing @oxplot. Did you use/do you recommend any of the optional extras with Shipito (fill out customs forms etc)? Or just the insurance?

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Just had a look:

  • Delivery and Damage Insurance
  • Provide single content photo
  • Apply express mailout
  • Affix DG Sticker
  • DHL Express

Pretty sure some of the above is compulsory for insurance and battery related products. But that’s all I picked. Hope it helps :slight_smile:

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Framework just emailed me that they’re gearing up to start shipping to Australian customers. So I suggest holding off on purchasing from US.

EDIT: Full text of the email:

Thank you for showing your interest in having Framework available in Australia. The demand we have received has been incredible and we’re finalizing the infrastructure to make shipments possible. We’ll send you an update as soon as we open ordering.

In the past three months, we’ve introduced the new and upgraded Framework Laptop and received great feedback from press reviewers. We can’t wait to bring the Framework Laptop to Australia next!

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