Any plans for better batteries in the future?

Ok, so 50 watthour battery is alright, but I feel a little disappointed that I’m barely getting through my day on a full charge. I do envy MacBook users who have like 55% at the end of the day and while I know since this is an intel laptop, battery life is not comparable with the M1 MacBooks (they’re just better), since battery technology will get better as time goes on, is there a possibility of a more efficient and/or higher capacity battery? (60+ WH?)

We cannot disclose yet our plans for future products (i.e battery). But thank you for sharing your feedback about the battery.

Battery usage really depends on the work load. You may check this knowledge base as a great resource about battery usage.


This is pure speculation, but if Framework has plans for the new AMD Ryzen processors or 12th gen Intel, we should see better battery life with the same battery

Understandable, but at least we can read between the lines that you will work to improve upon the product with upgrades (I know, it’s not something that can be shared just yet…)

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I love the lines to read between here. Fingers crossed for more open, power efficient boards!